Kate Paulin


Kate Paulin, Your Realtor with Heart

“I love helping Sellers to sell at a profit and Buyers to find the perfect property”

I have been a Boulder Realtor (with a capital “R”)  for 20 years and I’ve lived here for the last 34 years. I have an incredible sense of the Boulder market, what’s hot and what’s not, where to score bargains even today, and how much you should REALLY be paying for that 5-bedroom on Mapleton!

Alongside all that knowledge is my personal philosophy of how business should be done – and perhaps you might find it surprising.

Essentially I believe that when you put your clients’ interests first, you do better in life.

Sure – it’s not necessarily through the biggest commissions. But it can be through finding a family with a dog a house with a bigger yard, or a family that’s planning a second child a home with an extra bedroom. It’s the knowledge (there’s that word again) that through helping your client achieve their goals, you will find true happiness in what you do.

So that’s who I am, very briefly. I love my work, I always seem to be lucky enough to have great clients, and I love using my experience, knowledge and general goodwill to find you the home you and your family deserve!

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Kate Paulin
Residential Realtor, Broker Owner
License #1322898
Arrowtree Creek LLC
1435 Yarmouth Ave. Unit 203
Boulder, CO 80304